MySQL for Beginners

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The MySQL for Beginners course helps you learn about the world's most popular open source database. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to use the MySQL Server and tools, while helping you develop deeper knowledge of using relational databases.

Learn To: Explain the relational database model. Describe the features and benefits of MySQL. Install and configure the MySQL server and clients. Design efficient databases. Use Structured Query Language (SQL) to build your database and query data. Employ appropriate MySQL tools. Benefits to You

This course will teach you everything you need to know to start using the incredibly popular MySQL database in your Web, Cloud and embedded applications. In learning about MySQL, you will develop an understanding of relational databases and how to design a robust and efficient database. You will harness that power by learning SQL and use it to build databases, populate them with data and query that data through extensive hands-on practices.

Manage Your MySQL Database

This course also introduces you to more advanced tools and techniques to help you manage your MySQL database and data. At the end of the course, you will be confident in your abilities to use the MySQL database and put your new skills to work.


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Berlin, Deutschland
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Berlin, Deutschland


    • Be able to troubleshoot syntax and understand typical warnings and errors
    • Be able to delete or modify a database, and table row data
    • Grouping query data with Aggregation
    • Connect data from multiple table rows using JOIN
    • Perform nested sub-queries
    • Use of Simple Functions (String, Date, Numerical)
    • Describe MySQL connectors, their major features and differences
    • Understand MySQL storage engines, transactions and features of the common engines
    • Understand the features and benefits of MySQL
    • Be able to install and start the MySQL server
    • Understand the basics of Relational Databases
    • Understand the SQL and MySQL languages
    • Understand Data/Column types with regard to efficient database design
    • Be able to view a database design structure/content
    • Create a database design using an efficient structure
    • Be able to extract basic database information using the SELECT command

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