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Negotiation skills (english language)

adolph training

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Tipologie Seminar
Niveau Anfänger
Methodologie Inhouse
Dauer 2 Tage
  • Seminar
  • Anfänger
  • Inhouse
  • Dauer:
    2 Tage

The Participants are able to prepare negotiations thoroughly, they can plan them strategically and lead them to success by tactical acting.


Negotiating means to define the circumstances under which a deal is made or objects are interchanged. A good human relationship with the partners is a positive basis, but not sufficient for success. Factual success is only possible by thorough preparation and well-reflected going forward following special rules. These rules are the content of the training.


The Objectives of the Partners, One's Own Objectives, the Harvard Conception, Different Interests and Motivations, Special Questions for Negotiations, Making Demands and Offers, Argumentation Skills, Negotiation Strategies, Special Negotiation Techniques for the Concluding Action


Trainer-Participants-Discussions, Recording Practice Exercises on Video, Watching and Getting Feedback and Suggestions for Personal Improvement

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