Online Distribution Seminar

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Tipologie Seminar
Niveau Anfänger
Methodologie Inhouse
Unterrichtsstunden 8h
  • Seminar
  • Anfänger
  • Inhouse
  • 8h

How to create and maintain an integrated distribution strategy.
Gerichtet an: General Managers, Directors of Sales & Marketing, Revenue Managers, Reservations Managers, Front Office Managers, Reservations Supervisors.


How to create and maintain an integrated distribution strategy

The landscape of hotel distribution continues to evolve at lightening pace and the hotels who will achieve increased market share are those who can amend their organisational set-up and strategically integrate the reservations and sales & marketing processes to tackle the challenge of distribution head-onAs hotels attempt to shift their distribution strategy away from a reactive, ‘rate & availability’ orientation towards a rich-media and superior content environment, new rules apply towards issues such as, distribution partner selection, channel management and use of web 2.0 applications.The Yeeld Solutions Academy aims to get straight to the heart of these topics and challenge hotels to prepare for a new connected, focused and manageable distribution strategy.

Session Highlights

§The current hotel distribution landscape §2009 UK/European online distribution trends §Channel, cost, price – managing the relationship §Channel management – the connectivity challenge §Impact of content & rich media §Web 2.0 realties and the demand for back to basics §How to create an integrated, measurable distribution strategy

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Preisinformation: Revenue management Seminar + Online Distribution Semiar = €395

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