Oracle Database Security: Preventive Controls Ed 1

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      In the Oracle Database Security: Preventive Controls course, students learn how they can use Oracle Database Security products and technologies to meet the security, privacy and compliance requirements of their organization. The current regulatory environment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, the UK Data Protection Act, and others, requires better security at the database level. Students learn how to secure the access to their databases and how to use the Oracle Database Security products and technologies that enhance data access and confidentiality. The course provides suggested Oracle solutions for common problems. Learn To:Choose Oracle Database Security products and technologies to meet security requirements.Secure the database access by database or enterprise users with basic or strong authentication such as SSL, Kerberos and Radius.Protect against database bypass by using Transparent Database Encryption.Use Oracle Wallets and Oracle Key Vault to manage encryption keys.Discover sensitive columns such as Credit Card Numbers by using Application Data Modeling.Minimize sensitive data proliferation to test/dev environments by using Data Masking.Minimize storage costs in test/dev environments by using Data Subsetting.Reduce sensitive data exposure in applications by using Data Redaction.Understand and use Oracle Database Vault. Benefits To YouThis course discusses the following security features of the database: authentication, data access control including user authorizations by using privileges and roles, data confidentiality including Data Redaction, Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting, Transparent Sensitive Data Protection, encryption at the column, tablespace and file levels by using Transparent Data Encryption. This course discusses the use of the Oracle Key Vault to centrally manage keys across the enterprise. Oracle Database Vault is used to enforce Separation of Duties at the DBA level . Hands-on practices and available demonstrations help students...

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      IntroductionUsing Basic and Strong User AuthenticationConfiguring Global User AuthenticationUsing Proxy AuthenticationEncryption Concepts and SolutionsUsing Built-In Encryption in ApplicationsUsing Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)Database Storage SecurityIntroduction to Oracle Key VaultInstalling Oracle Key VaultUsing Oracle Key VaultAdministering Oracle Key VaultAutomated Sensitive Data DiscoveryOracle Data Masking and Subsetting overviewMasking Sensitive Data in Non-Production EnvironmentsSubsetting DataManaging Data Masking and SubsettingOracle Advanced Security - Data RedactionOracle Transparent Sensitive Data Protection (TSDP)Oracle Database Vault OverviewConfiguring Database VaultAnalyzing Privileges

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      Förderung durch z.B. Bildungsprämie und NRW-Bildungsscheck möglichEmpfehlenswerte verwandte Kurse:Oracle Database Security: Detective Controls Ed 1 In the Oracle Database Security: Detective Controls course, students learn to use Oracle Database detective control features to meet the security compliance requirements of the database they are administering.Oracle Database Security: Preventive Controls for Developers Ed 1 This Oracle Database Security: Preventive Controls for Developers Ed 1 training teaches you how to use Oracle Database preventive control features. See how these features meet the security compliance requirements of the applications you’re developing.Verwendete Datenbank Version:Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( zur Kursbeschreibung als PDF: dieses Online-Trainings:11:00 Uhr bis 19:00 Uhr (Mitteleuropäischer Zeit)