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This PeopleSoft Test Framework Rel 8.55 training teaches you how this solution automates functional testing, which enables testers to execute more tests with greater accuracy during a shorter time. Expert Oracle University instructors will show you how PeopleSoft Test Framework works by replicating the actions of a single user executing functional tests against the PeopleSoft browser-based application.Learn To:Install and configure the PeopleSoft Test Framework.Create PeopleSoft Test Framework tests and test cases.Develop and optimize complex tests.Debug tests.Administer the PeopleSoft Test Framework.Perform test maintenance.Benefits to You:Simplify the creation and execution of automated test scripts that are managed by and integrated into your PeopleSoft applications with PeopleSoft Test Framework. This integrated approach lets the system determine which test scripts should be run when maintenance is applied, and which test scripts are no longer operational.Configure the PeopleSoft Test FrameworkIn this intensive hands-on course, you’ll learn how to configure the PeopleSoft Test Framework. You’ll get a chance to record, develop, and troubleshoot a number of PeopleSoft Test Framework tests. Furthermore, you’ll develop the skills to administer PeopleSoft Test Framework, while efficiently managing the process of maintaining tests from one release to another.Record Manual Test ProceduresYou can record manual test procedures and save them within the framework. Later, after an application upgrade or patch, for example, the tests can be executed against the application to verify whether the application still behaves as expected.

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Erforderliche Vorkenntnisse:Basic familiarity with PeopleSoft applications.Basic familiarity with PeopleTools.

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Installing and Configuring PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF)Creating Tests and Test CasesDeveloping TestsDebugging TestsOptimizing TestsIncorporating Scroll HandlingAccessing HTML TablesAdministering PTFIdentifying Change Impacts
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