R12.2 Oracle E-Business Suite Fundamentals


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R12.2 Oracle E-Business Suite Fundamentals Ed 1 training helps you build a functional foundation for any E-Business Suite Fundamentals course. It’s ideal for those who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, 12.1 or 12.2 Learn To:Access and navigate within Oracle Applications using the user interface.Understand major architectural components in E-Business Suite.Identify and describe the benefits of R12.2 footprint.Explain the basic concepts of System Administration.Define key and descriptive Flexfields.Recognize the different entities shared between multiple applications.Identify features of Multiple Organizations and Multiple Organization Access Control (MOAC).Benefits to YouGet a sound understanding of Oracle E-Business Suite, including navigation, key business flows, functionality, and integration points between products. Smoothly implement and start using the applications, so that your organization can quickly realize the full value of Oracle E-Business Suite.Features & Benefits of Oracle WorkflowUse the Workflow Monitor to monitor a Workflow to completion.Describe Alerts and test a Periodic Alert.Describe the features of Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Applications.

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Oracle E-Business Essentials for Implementers: Overview Navigating in Oracle ApplicationsIntroduction to Oracle ApplicationsFundamentals of System AdministrationFundamentals of FlexfieldsShared Entities and IntegrationFundamentals of Multiple-Organization and Multiple-Organization Access Control (MOAC)Fundamentals of Oracle Workflow & AlertsOracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Applications: Overview

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