vSphere: Design Workshop V6.5 (EDU-VSDW65)

In Hamburg

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This course requires completion of the following prerequisites:                                      

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Hamburg, Deutschland
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Hamburg, Deutschland

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Experienced system integrators and consultants responsible for designing and deploying vSphere Environments.

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Course Introduction

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives

Infrastructure Assessment

  • Follow a proven process to design a virtualization solution
  • Define customer business objectives
  • gather and analyze business and application requirements
  • Document design requirements, constraints, assumptions, and risks
  • Use a systematic method to evaluate and document design decisions
  • Create a conceptual design

Core Management Infrastructure

  • Determine the number of vCenter Server and VMware Platform Services Controller instances to include in a design
  • Choose the appropriate platforms for vCenter server components
  • Choose the appropriate single sign-on identity source
  • Choose the time synchronization method
  • Choose methods to collect log files end ESXi core dumps
  • Design a vCenter Server deployment topology that is appropriate for the size and requirements of the data center

Virtual Data Center Infrastructure

  • Calculate total capacity requirements for a design
  • Create a virtual data center cluster design that meets business and workload requirements
  • Evaluate the use of several management services, such as VMware vSphere® High Availability and VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler?, in the virtual data center design
  • Evaluate the use of resource pools in the virtual data center design

Compute Infrastructure

  • Create a compute infrastructure design that includes the appropriate ESXi boot, installation, and configuration options
  • Choose the ESXi host for the compute infrastructure

Storage Infrastructure

  • Calculate storage capacity and performance requirements for a design
  • Evaluate the use of various storage platform and storage management solutions
  • Design a storage platform and storage management architecture that meets the needs of the vSphere environment

Network Infrastructure

  • Evaluate the use of various network component and network management solutions
  • Design a network component architecture that includes information about network segmentation and virtual switch types
  • Design a network management architecture that meets the needs of the vSphere environment

Virtual Machine Design

  • Make virtual machine design decisions, including decisions about resources
  • Design virtual machines that meet the needs of the applications in the vSphere environment and that follow VMware best practices

Infrastructure Security

  • Make security design decisions for various layers in the vSphere environment
  • Design a security strategy that meets the needs of the vSphere environment and follows VMware best practices