SMART Sustainability in Automotive Lightweight Construction as a new „Motor“ for global Mobility

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The choice of appropriate materials for automotive products is crucial in order to maintain global mobility and thus, polymer composite materials provide highest potential for large-scale lightweight constructions. Up to now, the production of composites is expensive and time consuming when considering costs of raw materials and processing methods involved.

Attendees of this seminar benefit from
- gaining new insights by in-depth analysis on resources, energy efficiency, flow of materials and life cycle assessments relevant to the industrial sector
- receiving inside knowledge on industrial materials as well as fundamental insights into the latest developments in material science
- assessing scientific and technological opportunities and potentials
- understanding how to develop business strategies for the MegaChange by employing the SMART concept

Target Group: Business / Engineering / Innovation Managers in Aerospace, Automotive, Chemistry and supplier industries.

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Airbus-Straße 6, 21684, Niedersachsen, Deutschland
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Composites / CFK
Lightweight Application


The seminar will challenge on a global Resource Outlook and its expected efforts on mobility by the topics

  • What are the specific driving megatrends for mobility?
  • How can strategies be worked out for supply and cost safety on advanced materials and components?
  • What is the driving differentiation of aerospace and automotive demands?
  • How can process technologies in production be changed for significant steps in quality, efficiency and speed?
  • What are the essentials of physics, engineering and materials science that have to be taken into account and fostered for the future?
  • What mid- and long-term roadmaps are there - if high volume production is targeted?
  • Why to change the paradigms to SMART sustainability demands - what is the strategic outcome of this change? In how far can this taken into account as customer value?
  • How will the aerospace industry be affected by the profound changes in automotive?

More information:

(!) This course is also offered as part of the certificate program Lightweight Application Specialist.

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Amount of Participants: max. 12

(!)  This course is also offered as part of the certificate program Lightweight Application Specialist.

Procedure / Methodology The seminar will be interactively performed with individual introduction to the main topics on strategic and innovation management, as well cutting edge science and engineering with concluding plenary workshop actions. In order to ensure that participants’ individual topics of interest and outlined problems are covered and integrated in the seminars’ concept, they will be sent a short survey in advance to grant the opportunity to express wishes and expectations towards the seminar.

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