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      There is no specifc prerequisite for the CDCP course. However, participants who already have at least one or two years’ experience in a data centre or facilities environment may be best suited. Those with no experience just yet are most welcome to participate.Spoken Language: EnglishCourse Materials: EnglishExam Language: English

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      The primary audience for this course is any IT, facilities or data centre professional who works in and around the data centre and who has the responsibility to achieve and improve the availability and manageability of the data centre.

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      CDCPWith few exceptions, enterprises today rely on IT for the delivery of business-critical services - often directly to the end consumer. It is therefore vital that the mission-critical data centre is designed, maintained and operated with high-availability and efficiency in mind. However, the fact is most data centres do not meet the full availability, capacity, safety or efficiency requirements that are often demanded. The ever-changing technologies put even more pressure on data centre managers along with the faster pace at which these changes are required. This 2-day course is designed to expose participants to the key components of the data centre. CDCP® training will address how to setup and improve key aspects such as power, cooling, security, cabling, safety, etc, to ensure a high-available data centre. CDCP® training will also address key operations and maintenance aspects. AgendaThe Data Centre, it’s Importance and Causes for DowntimeData Centre Standards and Best PracticesData Centre Location, Building and ConstructionSelecting appropriate sites and buildings and how to avoid pitfallsVarious components of an effective data centre and supporting facilities setupRaised Floor/Suspended CeilingUniform, concentrated and rolling load definitionsApplicable standardsRaised floor guidelinesSignal Reference Grid, grounding of racksDisability act and regulationsSuspended ceiling usage and requirementsLightStandardsLight fixture types and placementEmergency lighting, Emergency Power Supply (EPS)Power Infrastructure Power infrastructure layout from generation to rack levelATS (automatic transfer switch ) and STS (static transfer switch) systemsRedundancy levels and techniquesThree-phase and single-phase usagePower distribution options within the computer roomPower cabling versus bus bar trunking Bonding versus grounding Common Mode Noise and isolation transformers Distribution boards, form factors and IP-protection grades Power quality guidelines Real power versus apparent power How to size and calculate load in the data centreGeneratorsStatic and dynamic UPS systems, selection criteria, how they operate and energy efficiency option Batteriy types, correct selection and testingThermo-graphicsElectro Magnetic FieldsElectrical fields and magnetic fields definitions and units of measurements Sources of EMFEffects of EMF on human health and equipment(H)EMPStandardsEMF shielding solutionsEquipment RacksRack standards, properties and selection criteriaSecurity considerationes Power rail/strip optionsCooling InfrastructureTemperature and humidity recommendationsCooling measurement units and conversion ratesSensible and latent heat definitionsDifferences between comfort and precision coolingOverview of different air conditioner technologiesRaised floor versus non-raised floor coolingPlacement of air conditioner units and limitations to be observedSupplemental cooling optionsCold aisle/hot aisle containmentWater SupplyImportance of water supply and application areasBackup water supply techniquesDesigning a Scalable Network InfrastructureThe importance of a Structured Cabling SystemPlanning considerationsCopper and Fiber cable technology and standardsANSI/TIA-942 Cabling hierarchy and standardsTesting and verificationSAN storage cablingNetwork redundancyBuilding-to-building connectivityNetwork monitoring system requirementsFire SuppressionStandards for fire suppressionDetection systemsVarious total flooding fire suppression techniques and systems, their benefits and disadvantagesHandheld extinguishersSignage and safetyRegulatory requirements and best practicesPhysical Security and SafetyPhysical security considerationsPhysical safety considerationsAuxiliary SystemsData centre monitoring requirementsEMS, BMS and DCIMWater leak detection systemsAlarm notificationOperational ConsiderationsService Level ManagementOrganizationSafetySecurityFacilities MaintenanceData Centre OperationsMonitoringGovernance / documentationEXAM: Certified Data Center Professional

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