Cultural management

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Tipologie Master
Methodologie Online
Beginn Oktober
Credits 60
  • Master
  • Online
  • Beginn:
  • Credits: 60

Interuniversity master's degree (UOC, UIB and UdG) over one academic year that trains professionals in a new profession in the field of the humanities: cultural management. The course has a local and international focus to train experts in the cultural sector in three specific areas: interpretation of heritage; cultural tourism; cultural industries.


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Beginn Lage
Beginn Oktober

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· Voraussetzungen

Official European degree or equivalent (graduate, licentiate, architect, technical engineer or technical architect), registered in Spain if was obtained outside the European Higher Education Area

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Cultural policies
Cultural management
Cultural agents
Interpretation of heritage
Planning of interpretation
Communication in interpretation of heritage
Strategic and territorial planning
Design of cultural tourism products
Writing and the publishing sector
Performing arts


The course offers three pathways: interpretation of heritage; cultural tourism; cultural industries.

Obligatory courses
  • Foundations and concepts on cultural policies
  • The management and organization of culture
  • Cultural professions
  • Cultural agents
  • Institutional and legislative framework of cultural management
  • Culture in contemporary society
  • Internships
Optional courses obligatory for the interpretation of heritage pathway
  • Foundations and conceptual framework of interpretation
  • Means of interpretation
  • Planning of interpretation
  • The audience for heritage and communication in interpretation
Optional courses obligatory for the cultural tourism pathway
  • The relationship between tourism, heritage and territory
  • Strategic, territorial and cultural system planning
  • Strategies for the design of operating products in cultural tourism
  • Tourism as consumption
Optional courses obligatory for the cultural sectors and industries pathway
  • Introduction to cultural sectors, industries and entities
  • Writing and the publishing sector
  • Audio-visual sector
  • Performing arts

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