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A Guide to Design Registration - How to protect a design in the EU and worldwide

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Tipologie Seminar
Ort Amsterdam ((Wählen))
Beginn 08.11.2019
  • Seminar
  • Amsterdam ((Wählen))
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What is a design? It is the appearance of a product, its shape, pattern and colour. An inventor that has created a design wishes to commercialise and distribute his product. Now, it becomes essential to protect the newly invented design, in order to protect the inventor's rights and avoid counterfeiting. The protection of a design is increasingly important for enterprises. Thus, law firms that represent them need qualified staff with adequate knowledge of the various filing and registration procedures. What to do and what not. This course will help participants adequately prepare an application for filing with EUIPO/WIPO and provide guidance on administrative aspects such as the required filing documentation, procedural steps, monitoring time limits and fees. It outlines the formal requirements for applications and aims to provide a practical understanding of the special filing systems. It also includes the link between EU design protection and the Hague Agreement. This provides users with options for the extension of their protection, as well as a cost-effective application process. Participants will have the opportunity to ask our experts questions on all aspects of the procedure, and discuss common problems and practical solutions. Subsequently, they will be able to submit complex applications with WIPO or EUIPO.

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08.Nov 2019
Damrak 1-5, (Wählen), (Wählen)
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Beginn 08.Nov 2019
Damrak 1-5, (Wählen), (Wählen)
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This course is intended for paralegals, formalities officers/administrators, legal assistants, users of the Hague Agreement and all those who require an overview of the administrative requirements of the international design filing system.

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- What can be protected by a design registration - European and international design registration - Filing applications - Registration, publication, invalidity and appeal - Examples and case law

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