IBM BE87G - Effective RACF Administration

In Berlin

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Tipologie Seminar
Ort Berlin
  • Seminar
  • Berlin

- Identify the security requirements of a system - Evaluate the facilities and options of RACF - Define users to RACF - Set up a RACF group structure - Use RACF to protect resources - Select options to tailor RACF - Evaluate and implement RACF database and performance options - Identify tools available for auditing - Administer the system so that it is consistent with the installation's security goals"


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Berlin, Deutschland
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Berlin, Deutschland


    Day 1:
    Unit 1 - Security and RACF overview
    Unit 2 - Administering groups and users
    Lab 1, 2, and 3 - Log on to the lab system, Defining a RACF group structure, and User administration
    Day 2:
    Lab review
    Unit 2 - Administering groups and users (cont.)
    Lab 4 - Delegating security administration
    Unit 3 - Protecting z/OS data sets
    Lab 5 - Protecting z/OS data sets: Part 1
    Day 3:
    Protecting z/OS data sets (cont.)
    Lab 6 - Protecting z/OS data sets: Part 2
    Lab review
    Unit 4 - Introduction to user administration and delegation and general resources
    Lab 7 - Password reset granularity
    Unit 5 - RACF database, tables, and performance options
    Day 4:
    Unit 6 - RACF utilities and exits
    Unit 7 - RACF options
    Unit 8 - Auditing the RACF environment
    Lab 8 or Lab 9 or Lab 10
    Day 5:
    Lab review
    Unit 9 - Storage management and RACF
    Unit 10 - Security for JES facilities
    Unit 11 - Security classification

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