IBM CV852G - DB2 11 for z/OS System Administration

In Berlin

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Tipologie Seminar
Ort Berlin
  • Seminar
  • Berlin

Administrators of DB2 11 for z/OS can acquire a view of the architecture and fundamental processes required to manage a DB2 11 for z/OS subsystem. Engage in lectures and hands-on labs to gain experience to: - Relate the z/OS IPL process to a DB2 subsystem - Explain effects of stopping and starting DB2 - Explain how DB2 sets and use Integrated Catalog Facility (ICF) catalog names - The use of DSN command processor running in batch and foreground - Use views to minimize users´ ability to see into the DB2 catalog - See how the catalog (through grant activity) controls access to data - Search the catalog for problem situations - Use the catalog and DB2 utilities to determine data recovery requirements - Describe Internal Resource Lock Manager (IRLM) in a DB2 environment - Implement DB2 and Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) security - Describe DB2 program flow for all environments - Display normal and problem threads and database status - See how the SQL Processor Using File Input (SPUFI) AUTOCOMMIT option defers the COMMIT/ROLLBACK decision - Interpret lock displays - Identify and cancel particular threads - Describe available DB2 utilities to manage system and user page sets


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Berlin, Deutschland
Beginn auf Anfrage
Berlin, Deutschland


    - Start and stop the DB2 subsystem
    - Explain the allocation CLIST used at logon for DB2 data sets
    - Use Set SYSPARM command
    - Locate the Command recognition character for the DB2 subsystem
    - Query the system log to gain knowledge about the IPL process and information in the system log when DB2 is initialized or stopped
    - Explore DB2 Address Spaces information
    - Select the DB2 functions that best satisfy your site requirements
    - Explain the use of RACF for DB2 connection security
    - Explain the use of Roles and Trusted Context
    - Implement security procedures for a DB2 environment
    - Describe the components and address space structure of a DB2 subsystem
    - Explain DB2 Program Flow for all environments
    - Invoke and use DB2 TSO Facilities
    - Use the DB2 Catalog to monitor authorizations
    - Increase the size of the Active Log data sets
    - Explain DB2 Logging
    - Use DSNJU004 to Print Log Map
    - Interpret the output of the Print Log Map Utility DSNJU004
    - Use DSNJU003 to rename DB2 data sets
    - Plan for recovery of a BSDS failure
    - Monitor and control DB2
    - Explain transaction flow in IMS and CICS
    - Describe the CICS and DB2 environment
    - Make use and inplement the extended 10-byte RBA and LRSN

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