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Intercultural Conflict Management

Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin
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  • Master
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    1 Jahr

There are many opportunities for pursuing a career in the field of Intercultural Conflict Management in both the public and private sectors. Apparently, some organisations have lately started to show specific interest in hiring intercultural conflict managers, but still many will be interested in someone who has these abilities in addition to the requirements of a more conventional job description and qualifications gained through previous education and work experience.
Gerichtet an: The M.A. programme will be of most interest to individuals who are professionally active or have an academic interest in environments characterised by cultural diversity and conflict. These elements are frequently encountered in multi-ethnic contexts where competing group interests exist and where individuals have regulatory/control responsibilities requiring additional intercultural competence and mediation abilities.

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Alice-Salomon-Platz 5, D-12627, Berlin, Deutschland
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Alice-Salomon-Platz 5, D-12627, Berlin, Deutschland
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· Voraussetzungen

* An undergraduate degree preferably in one of the following disciplines: A. Social Sciences > Social Work - related to social justice, anti-discrimination and anti-racism; > Sociology - related to migration, inequity and marginalisation, social justice; > Political Science - related conflict, inter-state relations, inter-ethnic relations; > International Relations - related conflict, peace-keeping, inter-state relations; B. Law - related to human rights, international relations, conflict; C. Humanities and Cultural Sciences *Proficiency in English and computer competence. ...........

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The M.A. programme is a response to the challenges of conflict, cultural diversity, forced and voluntary migration, violations of human rights and human exploitation. These issues have heightened tensions and social injustices for a growing number of individuals and groups at local, national and international levels. Thus there is an urgent need for professionals who can act effectively on issues of conflict management and social justice in multicultural contexts. Instruction on the M.A. programme is informed by principles and values reflecting an inclusive and people-centred approach with a goal toward social transformation and the realisation of human rights.

How is the MA-ICM programme designed?

This international programme is taught in English and is designed to bring students together from a variety of backgrounds and cultures to facilitate cross-cultural learning experiences. Students will be provided with an inter-disciplinary overview of the challenges facing multicultural societies and societies experiencing ethnic conflict. Students will develop comprehensive intercultural skills and the capacity to work effectively in a cross-cultural environment. The programme emphasizes self-knowledge and cultural awareness and develops students' practical skills in intercultural communication, mediation and conflict resolution and the application of human rights.

The programme takes three semesters to complete. Students are encouraged to reside in Berlin at least until the end of the attendance period during the 2nd semester.

Semester 1 and 2: Blended Learning

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Conflict Management programme consists of a mandatory attendance period* and an e-learning component* in the first two semesters.

> Semester 3: Supervised Self-Study

The third semester is dedicated to the research and writing of the Master's thesis. Students will be supervised by an acknowledged expert.


  • If you need a visa for Germany, the closing date for submitting the complete application is February 15th, 2009.
  • If you do NOT need a visa the closing date is the 15th of April 2009.


One year of practical (including internships and/or voluntary work) or professional experience in fields related to conflict, human rights, humanitarian aid, voluntary or forced migration, social work or relief work, teaching a relevant subject.

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Preisinformation: Additionally a service fee is charged.

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