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Become familiar with human concepts of Agile / SCRUM . Understand the human side of SCRUM. Become skilled at building a sticky team. Have frequently practiced and solved people issues. Have a framework for leading a diverse workforce. Have a strategy for dealing with difficult people. Be able to engage individuals on your projects. Gain knowledge of effective problem-solving. Effectively motivate and mentor team members.
Gerichtet an: Product owners. SCRUM Masters. SCRUM team. Project managers. Managers of project managers. Members of project management. Educators teaching Agile / SCRUM project management. Consultants to the industry of project/program management. Individuals interested in project management


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50823, Nordrhein-Westfalen, NRW, Deutschland
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50823, Nordrhein-Westfalen, NRW, Deutschland

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Niv H. Chen
Niv H. Chen
Project / Program Management

NivH. Chen (MBA, PMI-PMP, SA-REP) hat über 10 Jahre Erfahrung im Software Entwicklung, Architektur und Leitung von Komplexe Projekte in Telekommunikation, E-Commerce, Onlinezahlungssysteme, Handel und Beratung. Er leitet Internationale Teams in große Komplexe Projekte und ist tätig als Berater für Globale Organisationen. Niv H. Chen ist zertifizierter PMI-PMP (Project Management Institute - Project Management Professional, USA) und leitet SA-REP (Scrum Alliance – Registered Education Provider)


Your team is of diverse cultures, languages and each report to a different manager. You have the task to bring the project to a success, on time and under budget.

How to get people with different interests to work to a common goal?
How do you get the team members to be committed to your project?

Lack of authority does not mean lack of ability. People Management is the art of people wanting to follow rather than forced to follow. Be the one they want to follow, you can learn those essentials that help you deliver successful projects through the work of the team.

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