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The MBA course Master in Global Management endeavours to offer junior managers the opportunity to obtain the specific competencies required for successful global business today. The aim is to provide management skills as well as thought-provoking experiences focused on global business. This is an essential requirement for students interested in a career in either government, international organisations or business enterprises. The course puts students at an advantage when it comes to leadership excellence.




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Entry requirements: An academic, business related degree (Bachelor) and two years of professional experience

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Globalization requires new management skills for international business.

This course brings students one step closer to a career as a business specialist. Basic economic or business qualifications are considered essential for admission to this course. During the two semesters the students will develop and extend their management competencies in terms of key qualifications.

The core components of the MGM program cover the following skill areas: - Understanding the trends and interdependencies of a global world economy, its driving forces and different policies of multinational businesses
- Evaluating general threats and opportunities of "going global"
- Identifying the requirements of a globalization strategy for a business
- Developing and implementing of a globalization strategy
- Understanding intercultural decision-making and responsibility for international business activities

The degree course has been accredited by the National Accreditation Agency ZEvA.

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Weitere Angaben: Studienbeginn Wintersemester Bewerbungsschluss Application Period: January 1 - May 31 Non-EU Applicants January 1 - July 31 EU Applicants Studiendauer Program Duration: Two Semesters fulltime, plus Master’s Thesis and Oral Defense
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 30
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