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Master's Degree in the Electric Power Industry (MEPI)

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
In Madrid ()

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Tipologie Master
Dauer 1 Jahr
Credits 60
Unternehmenspraktikum Ja
  • Master
  • Dauer:
    1 Jahr
  • Credits: 60
  • Unternehmenspraktikum

Not only in Spain, but globally, the Electric Energy sector has gone through various changes, generating new markets on energy resources and the demand for new professionals trained to work on these new challenges. The Master's program in Electric Power industry provides to the students highlights on what's new in the market of energy resources, considering both economic and technological aspects of this area.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

· Welche Ziele werden in diesem Kurs verfolgt?

Support the high social interest and demand for this new kind of professional in the market. Provide both economic and technological aspects of dealing with electric resources nowadays. Explore new business opportunities for the students in this field.

· An wen richtet sich dieser Kurs?

Engineers and other graduates from different areas like economics, physics or chemistry, that have interest in the Energy market and electricity industry. It's also intended for working professionals seeking to improve their abilities in electric energy management.

· Voraussetzungen

Hold a Bachelor's degree or being soon to be awarded with one in engineering, architecture or other similar degrees from foreign Universities. The applicants must have a good academic report and provide proof of proficiency in English, since most of the classes will be held in English.

· Worin unterscheidet sich dieser Kurs von anderen?

You can get an Erasmus Mundus title besides the possibility of a double-degree with other university from a different country.

· Welche Schritte folgen nach der Informationsanfrage?

The admission must be required within the deadline, by filling a requirement form. This form must be delivered with all the documents and a curriculum vitae, a motivational letter and two cover letters. The student may go through an interview with the Master's Coordinator or director.The admission will be decided by a committee from the University.

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Energy markets
Energy Engineering
Engineering Science


First Term
  • Electric power systems (6 ECTS)
  • Regulation of the electric power industry (6 ECTS)
  • Economy of the electric power industry (6 ECTS)
  • Decision support models in the electric power industry (6 ECTS)
Second Term
  • Wholesale and retail electricity markets
  • Network Business: Transmision, Distribution and Smart Grids
  • The natural gas industry and fuel markets
  • Law and Legislation of the power industry
  • Environmental and renewable energy policy
  • Business ethics
  • Management skills

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