Oracle VM Server for x86: Implementation

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Oracle VM offers a dynamic architecture which allows you to effectively deploy server virtualization to consolidate application workloads and ensure uninterrupted cloud services. Using extensive hands-on practices, this course prepares you to respond quickly to changing business conditions. Learn To: Effectively administer the Oracle VM environment by using the appropriate management tool. Automate the provisioning of virtual machines. Redeploy cloud resources to meet requirements. Track and solve issues at each operational layer. Protect Oracle VM resources. Incorporate key components into your D/R strategy. Benefits to You Maximize Cloud Resources By taking this course, you’ll learn the tools and processes to accelerate your private cloud deployments and redeploy resources effectively. Server virtualization is the first step to delivery of application and cloud services. In your Oracle VM environment, you have the ability to deploy and redeploy standardized and pre-configured software appliances to meet workload objectives and to redistribute physical and virtual resources to maximize resources for your application workload. Increase Application Availability Virtual environments introduce challenges for isolating and solving problems. Taking this course will teach you how to detect problems at every layer of the Oracle VM environment, while capturing a configuration snapshot of your environment before making changes. This is an effective way to communicate vital information about your environment to Oracle support. Protect Cloud Resources This course will also help you develop the knowledge and skills learn to identify the resources that you must protect. You’ll develop an understanding of the steps to back up and recover these resources. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you explore environment-wide recovery scenarios and gain knowledge you can use as a blueprint for your disaster recovery strategy.

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Oracle VM Manager UI and Oracle VM CLI Review the major components of Oracle VMDiscuss the management interfaces to the Oracle VM Manager applicationDescribe the control elements and authentication for the Oracle VM Manager UICustomize the Oracle VM Manager UI sessionAccess the Oracle VM CLI and and view the Oracle VM CLI logsLearn how to use the Oracle VM CLI commands and custom commandsCustomize the Oracle VM CLI sessionUse the Oracle VM CLI with simple scripts and by using Expect scripts Oracle VM Web Services Introduce the Oracle VM Web Services and describe the role of the Oracle VM Web Services Describe the REST interaction for the Oracle VM Web Services Learn basic authentication with REST interaction Demonstrate a GET and POST request with REST by using Python examples Describe the SOAP interaction to the Oracle VM Web Services Discuss REST vs SOAP usage for Oracle VM Web Services Examine the structure of the Oracle VM Web Services SDK file Managing Virtual Machines Discuss Oracle VM virtualization modes and how to convert an HVM guest to PVM modeLearn how to create a virtual machine with installation media and by importing templates, assemblies, virtual machines and virtual Learn to use the P2V tool to create new templates from legacy hostsUse cloning and migrationDiscuss Inbound Migration Lock as a way to protect resources of a running virtual machineMake changes to your virtual machines: Add network devices, disk resources and CPU and memory resources Oracle VM Guest Additions Describe the Oracle VM Guest Additions feature and lists its benefitsInstall the Oracle VM Guest Additions in a virtual machineUse the messaging facility provided by the Oracle VM Guest AdditionsExplain the role of the Oracle VM Template configuration featureLearn the role of scripts and targets with Oracle VM Template configuration featurePrepare a virtual machine for first-boot configuration and test the configuration Operations Discover and rediscover Oracle VM servers and explain the discovery processRemove Oracle VM servers from server pools, delete Oracle VM servers and re-install Oracle VM ServersPerform operations on server pools: Add or remove Oracle VM servers, cluster operations and fencingDiscuss repository ownership: Oracle VM Manager ownership and cluster ownershipPresent/unpresent repositories to Oracle VM servers, create repository exports, delete repositories, release ownership of a repository Perform refresh operations in the Oracle VM environment Troubleshooting Use various sources to identify problems: Logs, job details and eventsPerform health check on Oracle VM Manager and Oracle VM server componentsView and modify iSCSI multipathing information on Oracle VM serversRun the VMPinfo3 tool and view the tool reportConfigure Kdump and netconsole on Oracle VM serversGenerate core dumps automatically and manually for virtual machinesConfigure serial console access for Oracle Linux guests Backup and Restore - D/R Concepts Identify components that need to be backed up and discuss guidelines for backup operationsBackup and restore the Oracle VM Manager MySQL databaseRecover from the loss of the Oracle VM Manager MySQL databaseLearn the Oracle VM-centric and guest-centric approaches to protecting virtual machinesUse recovery scenarios to learn how to rebuild your Oracle VM environmentLearn the importance of cluster IDs and network IDs during recovery operationsApply recovery information to D/R design

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