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Patent Prosecution Strategies

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In this seminar the strategic IP goals that can be facilitated by patent prosecution strategies will be explored. It will become apparent that it is important to define such prosecution-related strategic IP goals to quickly answer questions arising daily from patent prosecution like: when can patent prosecution be expedited and what needs to be done; can the pendency of an application be prolonged; what are the strategic prosecution tools to strengthen the own IP portfolio and/or to weaken the competitor's IP portfolio.

Our speakers have collected hands-on experience in one of the largest IP departments in Europe and they will demonstrate proven patent prosecution strategies. They will discuss the advantages and/or disadvantages associated with specific prosecution strategies. After attending this seminar, you will be able to optimise your patent prosecution strategy.

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You are tasked with prosecuting patents and need to know which strategies to use when? Then this course is intended for you. Knowledge of patent law is required.

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- Strategic IP goals - Patent prosecution: a strategic overview - General patent prosecution strategies - Expediting strategies - Delaying strategies - Special strategies for patent prosecution: submarine, swiss cheese and more

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