e-Training: Project Management Intensive (Buchungs-Nr. 49.63)

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Breite Straße 29, 10178, Berlin, Deutschland
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Das WIS.IHK ist ein etablierter, innovativer Weiterbildungsanbieter, der sich mit Energie und Leidenschaft der Aus- und Weiterbildung Erwachsener widmet. Seit über zehn Jahren steht das WIS.IHK Teilnehmern als kompetenter und starker Partner zur Seite und unterstützt sie dabei, sich erfolgreich ins Berufsleben einzugliedern und/oder weiterzuentwickeln.

Beschreibung des Seminars

More and more employees are performing responsible tasks in projects and require extensive knowledge to be able to do this. The Project Management Intensive e-training course comprises 21 modules that convey the necessary basic and advanced skills. An e-tutor is available to help learners personally throughout the duration of their e-training, to answer their questions and give feedback regarding their progress. Give employees who are regularly involved in project work the training they need to improve their effectiveness! 

1. Project management framework
2. Initialising
3. Planning
4. Execution, monitoring and control
5. Conclusion

1.1 What is a project?
2.1 Defining the project objectives
3.1 Describing the scope of the project
4.1 Developing and leading the project team
5.1 Documenting project results andlessons learned

1.2 What is project management?
2.2 Identifying stakeholders and analyzing expectations
3.2 Breaking down the project work
4.2 Managing changes to the plan
5.2 Closing the project

1.3 Project and organization, roles within the project
2.3 Creating the project charter
3.3 Definingactivities and dependencies
4.3 Monitoring and controlling risks

3.4 Developing the schedule
4.4 Reporting on project performance

3.5 Determining the project budget
4.5 Ensuring stakeholder communication

3.6 Planning resources

3.7 Achieving quality

3.8 Planning how to handle risks

Learning objectives

- You will learn to employ practical skills and methodically apply the central methods and tools of project management in order to successfully initiate and effectively manage your projects.

- You are guaranteed an optimumknowledge transfer while you study, thanks to the continuous feedback and individual help provided by your e-tutor.

- This e-training course has a modular structure, allowing you to concentrate on those topics that are most important to you in your current circumstances.

- Many interactive exercises and concrete examples are included, to help you apply what you have learned in your day-to-day work.

- The content of the e-training is based on the project management standards as laid down by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and ISO 21500:2/12/standard.

Each of the 21 moduls contains basic theoretical knowledge, useful hints for putting the theory into practice, practical tips and interactive exercises for testing your learning progress.Your e-tutor is available to help you for the first six weeks of your e-training; he will give you feedback on your learning progress and answer any course-related or technical questions you may have. A briefing is given by e-mail and, if required, also by telephone. The e-training course will remain available for a total of/12/months.ParticipantsCurrent and future project managers as well as management staff working in project environments. All employees, who will be working regularly in projects.
Technical requirements

- Computer with sound card, min. 1 GHz processor and /12/MB RAM.

- Internet speed of at least 64 KB/sec (ISDN).

- Adobe Flash Player (latest version).

- Accessible with any common up-to-date browser.

PMI is a service and trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. which is registered in the United States and other nations.

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