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Employees‘ Inventions 2018



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Introduction to the German Act on Employees’ Inventions (ArbEG) - Service Inventions – Rights and Obligations - The claim to Remuneration - Methods to establish the Value of an Invention - Litigation: Arbitration and Court Proceedings - Legal situation in selected countries - Lump-sum payments and buying of rights

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Heads and managers in Patent, IP and HR departments that deal with employees‘ inventions and R&D, Patent agents, patent attorneys and industrial property agents, Lawyers and legal practicioners in law firms and in industrial concerns.

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  • ACT
  • ArbEG
  • Service Inventions
  • Remuneration
  • Arbitration
  • Lump-sum payments
  • Employees' Inventions
  • Legal situation
  • German remuneration model
  • Landmark-cases


In international comparison, the German Employees’ Inventions Act has a unique position and many legislative systems and jurisdictions worldwide have adopted its basic ideas and principles. However, the intention of the basic principles and the detailed nature of the statutory regulations often lead to problems of comprehension for foreign users unfamiliar with the German law system.

The aim of this seminar is to give a reliable introduction to the law on Employees‘ Inventions. Based on the regulations of the German Act on Employees‘ Inventions (ArbEG), the speakers will outline the principles of this field of law and give an overview of the legal situation in selected countries. Our speakers will give an in-depth understanding the „German model“ of remuneration explained by the relevant landmark-cases.

The seminar concentrates on questions relevant to practice. Participants are invited to raise questions and to discuss with our internationally experienced experts. You will learn to avoid expensive formalism and pitfalls regarding Employees‘ inventions.

Employees‘ Inventions 2018

1.892 € zzgl. MwSt.