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Tipologie Master
Ort Augsburg
Dauer 2 Jahre
  • Master
  • Augsburg
  • Dauer:
    2 Jahre

Students will be able to achieve an internationally acknowledged and highly. esteemed degree (Diploma / Master of Science "with honors) within four until. maximal five semesters and be part of a unique international program. *The program provides extensive practical experience and contact to highly attractive companies through -a wide network of international companies. that also participate in the advisory board.

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· Voraussetzungen

■ Language competencies Since the program is bilingual (English and German), applicants will be asked to demonstrate their language skills – which should allow them to follow lectures and take exams in both languages – during the assessment process. ..........

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The FIM-Program offers its students various exclusive benefits which enable them not only to complete a unique and ambitious program, but also prepare them for a successful career both in business and science.
Some of the exclusive benefits of our study program are listed below and may encourage you to learn more about studying "Finance & Information Management”.

The Elite Graduate Program "Finance & Information Management” is designed as a 4- to max. 5-semester program.

■ 1st semester:
Students have to attend adaptation courses in the fields of mathematics and statistics, econometrics, information and communication systems, software technology as well as financial management. With the successful completion of the first semester, students which yet do not have achieved
a bachelor will complete this degree within the 1st semester. Students that
already hold a bachelor-degree may choose to complete elements of the individual study already during their first semester.
■ 2nd semester:
Core courses which deepen the students’ methodological and technical skills in financial management and information systems will be subject to the second semester.

■ 3rd semester:
Students will select one of the two program majors "Finance” or "Information
Management” according to their individual strengths and interests and they will complete elective courses.
The 1st, 2nd as well as the 3rd semester are divided into two sections. While the first part of the semester is dedicated to the training of technical skills via lectures and course work, the second part of the semester will focus on the application and extension of these technical skills in seminars
and workshops. This structure ensures that students have earned leading-edge methodological and technical skills and apply their knowledge directly to actual business situations. During the workshops and seminars
students must work together to make difficult decisions under typical management conditions including a lack of complete information, complex trade-off situations, and time pressure.

■ 4/5th semester:
During the final semester(s) students will conduct an individual study-program according to their particular distinctive competencies, aims and potentials in close collaboration and planning with their personal mentors. This may include the collaboration in a current research project as well as an (international) internship or a semester (abroad) at a partner university.
The thesis, which should be prepared either with a professional partner or within a research project, concludes the program.


■ Outstanding intellectual ability
Applicants should be able to present excellent academic results, e.g. documented via an outstanding "Vordiplom” or bachelor’s-degree, scholarships, as well as interdisciplinary qualifications, like extra-curricular activities, international experience or internships. Formally, you will at least need an prediploma degree ("Vordiplom”), bachelor’s degree or equivalents in Business Administration, Economic Sciences, (Financial- and Business-) Mathematics, Information Systems, (Applied) Computer Science, Industrial Engineering or related disciplines.

Deutsch, Englisch

28. February (1. Round) und 31. May (2. Round)

Classes are restricted to 30 students per year.


nur zum Wintersemester

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Preisinformation: Studiengebühren - 500€ Studienwerksbeitrag - 42€

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