In Butzbach, Mannheim, London (Grossbritannien) und an 2 weiteren Standorten

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Targeted at: Beginners in the field of competitive intelligence, market researchers, information managers, industry and business analysts.

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Bangalore (Indien)
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Butzbach (Hessen)
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Korngasse 9, 35510


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Chicago (USA)
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London (Grossbritannien)
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24 Eversholt Street, NW1 1AD


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Mannheim (Baden-Württemberg)
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  • Communication Techniques
  • Human Intelligence
  • Collection of Valuable Information


Christian Muth

Christian Muth

"Wirtschafts­kriminalität" und "Intelligence"

Christian Muth ist Senior­be­ra­ter der Ernst & Young Wirt­schafts­prü­fungsgesellschaft mit Be­ratungs­schwerpunkt in den Themenfeldern "Wirtschafts­kriminalität" und "Intelligence". Zuvor verant­wortete er die Themenfelder Incident, Issue und Repuatationmanagement sowie Intelligence Coaching und betreute vor­wiegend börsen­notierte Klienten in Wett­bewerbs- und Sonder­situationen in sowohl frei­beruflicher Tätigkeit als auch davor für ein deu­tsches Beratungs­unternehmen.


Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Competitive Intelligence is based on many different types of information. A lot of exclusive information can be obtained through human sources (HUMINT). In conversation with a new employee who formerly worked for a competitor, with the collection of available information on competitors in one’s own company, or at trade fairs. The opportunities to collect valuable information through communication are manifold. How do you structure communication to receive the maximum relevant information?In this course, the fundamentals of advanced communication techniques are explained in theory as well as practiced hands-on.
During the workshop video recordings of the attendees in simulated conversational situations will be made. These recordings will be analyzed during the training and used as a contributor to the learning goals.
Workshop foci Interview training for Competitive Intelligence Professionals


  • Goal-oriented communication to collect informa­tion
  • Preparation of an elicitation conversation
  • Functionality of interpersonal communication
  • Promotional and impeding conditions for disclo­sure disposition
  • Convincing an interview partner to converse. The importance of the conversation beginning to the conversation plan
  • Effective methods of the reporter position
  • Segmentation of a free report in action se­quences
  • The importance of different question formats in each conversational phase
  • Signals of dishonesty and evasion
  • Reporting of HUMINT research
  • Analysis of HUMINT research

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