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Improving International Negotiation Skills


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By the end of this practical two-day course, you will be able to: Understand the principles, strategies and skills of negotiation,. Evaluate your current business negotiation style,. Understand the nature and dynamics of intercultural negotiation,. Design a "getting to yes" negotiation process framework,. Use appropriate tools and methods to achieve desired results.
Gerichtet an: Managers who are involved in different negotiation situations with international customers, suppliers or colleagues, either in the local business environment or abroad.

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Ian Muir

Ian Muir

Präsentation, English presentations, English Buisiness communication


In our age of globalisation, business people face increasing levels of complexity in negotiation with trading partners, suppliers or colleagues. The two-day programme has been designed to help managers evaluate and improve their negotiation performance through a constructive and confident win/win approach.

Course content

  • Evaluate your current negotiation style
    (measure of assertiveness & cooperativeness)
  • Define the negotiation process (input > throughput > output)
    • Identifying six phases from briefing to de-briefing
    • Exploiting the critical factors time, power, information
  • Design results-oriented negotiation
    • Defining the negotiation strategy as win-lose or win-win
    • Developing priority skills for professional negotiation (from principles & objectives to timing & common ground)
    • Self-tuning macro & micro skills for dealing with differences
  • Negotiation scenes & themes: develop tools & methods
    • Framing questions for moving dialogue forward
    • Using influencing tactics which work
    • Communicating across cultures
    • Demonstrating persuasive power & personal touch
  • Negotiation case study: experience how negotiation works
    • Negotiation framework: designing "getting to yes" (focus on people, interests, options, criteria)
    • Cultural framework: negotiating cross-culturally (focus on task vs. relationship issues)
  • Evaluate lessons learned / develop personal action plan
    • Reviewing discoveries made & lessons learned
    • Developing a personal action plan for negotiating successfully in the international business environment

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Improving International Negotiation Skills

1.120 € zzgl. MwSt.