International Negotiations in English

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Tipologie Seminar
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The seminar develops the key skills and language step by step, addressing key cultural and communication issues and tactics. The course focuses on communication skills so that the participant recognizes how much the personal culture influences the negotiation tactics. This concept is then used to develop flexibility when dealing with negotiators from different cultural background.
Gerichtet an: Even if you don't take part in negotiations on an international level, you will need to negotiate with a colleague, boss, customer or supplier at some point. Effective negotiations promise some of the biggest rewards of all communication skills - the salary rise, a budget increase, or the right deal for the company.

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· Voraussetzungen

CEF level B2 - C1/2 (upper intermediate to advanced) - determined by Logik Sprachtraining placement test.


"A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you look forward to the trip!"

The seminar is based on various expertise: from Harvard Business School Negotiation Syles to Gary Karrass.

The participant is taken through a number of role plays thus building confidence and competence.

The participant is encouraged to develop a personal negotiation style - taking strengths and weaknesses into account.

Learn various types of negotiation from the win-lose "Street Negotiation" tactics to win-win business relationships.

Lean the qualities of an effective negotiator.

Learn how to effectively prepare for a negotiation with your BATNA

Learn the process of effective negotiations and when to throw out your "anchor"

Learn diplomatic language in order to get what you want.

Learn how to deal with difficult negotiating partners

Learn cultural tips on what to expect from different cultures

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