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The spectrum of subjects is finished off by interdisciplinary lectures such as project management and quality management.

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Beethovenstraße 1, 73430, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
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Beethovenstraße 1, 73430, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
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· Voraussetzungen

■ High quality Bachelor or Diploma degree in Physics or Electronics ■ Sufficient knowledge of English language


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The curriculum of the course MSc. in Photonics has been organised to be flexible. Half of it consists of required and elective lectures. The required component is made up of the mainstays of photonics.

The required component includes:

  • optical communication technology
  • laser technology
  • optical design and interferometry

In the elective component one can choose from areas such as:
non-linear optics, image processing, infrared systems, instruments and systems in photonics, the bio-medical field or signal processing.

The spectrum of subjects is finished off by interdisciplinary lectures such as project management and quality management.

Students of the Master course in „Photonics" are expected to have a high quality Bachelor or Diploma degree in Physics or Engineering, e.g. in Electronics, Optoelectronics, Mechatronics or Optometry. A course on "Fundamentals in Optics" will provide sufficient basic knowledge on optical techniques for all participants. Further mandatory and optional courses will acquaint the students with all fields of modern photonics such as
■ Optical fibre and communication systems,
■ Lasers and light sources,
■ Optical design,
■ Non-linear optics,
■ Analogue and digital signal processing,
■ Optics technology (e.g. material surface coatings),
■ Interferometry and testing,
■ Biophotonics.
Courses are typically held in English and include practical exercises,
laboratory work and seminars during two semesters. Additional courses on Quality Management and Project Management will prepare students for a future career in industry. The third semester will be dedicated to the Master Thesis including a two months introduction. Here, students will work on their own within the framework of a larger project under the supervision of
competent experts. Well equipped laboratories at Hochschule Aalen as well as in industrial companies and research institutes are available for high quality scientific work.

What will follow the studies?

In comparison to Bachelor students, graduates of a Master course
■ profound theoretical knowledge,
■ special knowledge of innovative technologies, e.g. in Photonics,
■ a qualification for a leading position in industry or research,
■ practice of scientific English, which will qualify the Master
students for a subsequent position abroad,
■ the possibility of preparing a PhD thesis.

Graduates of the Master of Photonics course are particularly well equipped for a leading position in research and development, where good theoretical knowledge of physics and optics has to be combined with practical experience. Examples are
■ development and application of lasers and laser systems,
■ development of fibre-optic components and systems,
■ design and development of optical instruments,
■ novel techniques for illumination and displays,
■ design and application of medical systems for diagnosis and therapy.

Photonics can also be regarded as a supplementary education in addition to classical optics, electronics or mechanical engineering, which will qualify graduates for innovative interdisciplinary fields. Master diplomas from Universities of Applied Science and traditional Universities are similar in Germany as to salaries (in public organisation) and the requirements for a subsequent doctoral thesis.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Preisinformation: Die Studiengebühren betragen 500 Euro pro Semester. Zusätzlich hat jeder Studierende noch einen Verwaltungskostenbeitrag in Höhe von 40 Euro und einen Beitrag in Höhe von 39 Euro an das Studentenwerk Ulm zu entrichten. Die Gebühren werden mit der Immatrikulation fällig.