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This training starts where others finish. Apart from practical tips and recommendations, you develop individual strategies to eliminate personal time traps and to avoid being deflected from your priorities. Only by dealing intensively with the link between one's personality and individual working style a long-lasting improvement in your time and self-management can be achieved.
Gerichtet an: Managers and employees who want to improve their personal time management

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Sabine Poston

Sabine Poston

Präsentation, Moderation, Train-the-Trainer, Zeitmanagement


A practical workshop to optimize individual working habits

Objective of this workshop

High expectations, ambitious targets and lots of important and urgent tasks have a deep impact on your daily workload – time seems to melt away! Do you know this situation? To successfully deal with it and find the right work-life-balance that protects you from stress and burn-out symptoms presents a genuine challenge!

In this training, you reflect on and, if necessary, adapt your time management strategies in order to set the right priorities and work effectively.

The following methods are used in this workshop:
Before the training: Detailed job description/chronological analysis of 2 days of your daily business life.
During the training: Theory input, individual and group tasks, discussion, case studies and practical exercises


  • Reflect your personal time management strategies
  • Set targets and assign priorities
  • The right use of time management systems and planners
  • Identify and eliminate individual time traps and unexpected events that steal time throughout your day
  • How to organize your desk
  • Akquire tools and techniques for effective meetings
  • Optimize your personal workflow and teamwork

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Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 10
Kontaktperson: Markus Gerigk

Time Management

1.080 € zzgl. MwSt.