Certified Data Centre Migration Specialist - CDMS® (exam included) - Course Language: English


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There is no specific prerequisite for the CDMS® course. However, participants who have actual experience in the data centre and/or IT infrastructures are best suited. Attendance of the CDCP® course is recommended but not a requirement.Course Language: EnglishStudent Books: EnglishExam Language: English






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The primary audience is any IT, facilities or data centre operations professional working in and around the data centre (both end-customers and/or service provider/facilitators) and having to handle data centre migration projects and/or data centre strategies.These include Project Managers, Data Centre Managers, Operations/Floor/Facility Managers, IT Managers, Network/System Engineers, Data Centre Sales/Consultants, Logistic Managers.

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CDMSData centre migration is an exceptionally high-risk undertaking. Most data centre professionals have never done this before. Some professionals have done it only a few times in their life. The level of effort required in the planning and discovery phases is directly proportionate to the amount of risk mitigated. It is an exercise that requires collaboration and interfacing with various stakeholders in the organisation - some for the first time ever.The Data Centre Migration Specialist course is a two-day course designed to expose participants to all aspects of a data centre migration. It provides a step-by-step methodology which will enable them to reduce the risks involved in such a complex undertaking. It will also provide participants with valuable and practical hints and tips used by seasoned data centre professionals who have done multiple complex migrations.After completion of the course the participant will be able to:Develop and review their data centre strategyUse different risk assessment methodologies together with practical tips specifically for data centre migrations to reduce the risk during a data centre migration Understand different migration strategiesUnderstand the legal aspects when migrating a data centreUnderstand the importance of Business Service Reviews and Service Level Objectives Size and design the target data centreUnderstand the importance of detailed discovery and how dependencies influence migration waves Understand the safety requirements during migrationGet lots of practical tips when moving to another data centreInhalteData Centre StrategyData centre lifecycleReasons to migrate a data centreAlternatives to data centre migrationConsolidationOutsourcingCloud computingUpgrade existing data centre or build newProject ManagementProject management and methodsScope statementStatement Of Work (SOW)Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)Allocate time to the projectCost and estimation methodologyProject communicationRisk Management Risk management and methodsRisk identificationRisk assessment methodologiesQualitative approachSemi-quantitative approachQuantitative approachRisk evaluationRisk treatment Risk in data centre migrationsMigration StrategiesDifferent data centre migration strategiesHeterogeneous migrationHomogeneous migrationPhysical migrationDifferent IT transformationsPre-migration transformation Migration transformationPost-migration transformationLegal AspectsRegulatory requirementsContractual considerationsLegal aspects when decommissioningHigh Level Discovery & Planning The importance of Business Service ReviewsThe concept of AvailabilityThe concept of RecoverabilityThe importance of Service Level ObjectivesRequirements on designing the target IT architectureInformation needed for high level planningDesign Target Data CentreRequirements for the target data centreSizing the data centreArchitectural requirementsCooling requirementsPower requirementsSecurityDetailed Discovery and Planning The importance of discoveryAutomated discovery toolsAsset managementNetwork and system dependenciesDetailed migration planningMigration wavesStaffingWarranties and insuranceSafety Safety precautionsTechnical safety reviewElectrical safetyLiftingPersonal safety during migrationFire safety during migrationSecurityControversy between access and securityAccess control Managing security during migrationSecurity during migration Key managementPractical hints and tipsContinuous improvementImplementationRehearsalRoute investigationResourcingLogistics teamPackingTransportInstalling the equipment Post migration supportEnd of ProjectWhy project closureLessons learnedPhased completion of projectCriteria for project closureThe outcome of the project End of projectExamSample questionsSelf study (time permitted)Exam: Certified Data Centre Migration Specialist
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