Oracle Service Bus 11g: Design and Integrate Services


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In this course, students are provided an in-depth analysis of Oracle Service Bus and how it can be used to create a message infrastructure for services throughout the enterprise. Learn To: Be familiar with Oracle Service Bus ArchitectureEnrich, route and validate messages within the Service BusUnderstand Message Level Security and securing Oracle Service BusUse some of the basic transports available in Oracle Service Bus 11g

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Empfohlene Vorkenntnisse:Basic knowledge of Web ServicesXML programming experienceKnowledge XQuery and XPathSOA Adoption and Architecture Fundamentals Ed 1XML Fundamentals Ed 1.1 SOA Adoption and Architecture Fundamentals

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Introduction to Oracle Service BusMessage FlowMessage Flow ActionsMessage Flow Best PracticesTransports in Oracle Service Bus Debugging with Oracle Service BusIntroduction to Oracle Service Bus SecurityAppendix A: Service Bus ConceptsAppendix B: TransportsAppendix C: Delivery Methods
Förderung durch z.B. Bildungsprämie und NRW-Bildungsscheck möglichEmpfehlenswerte verwandte Kurse:XML Fundamentals Ed 1.1 XML Fundamentals training teaches you how to create and validate XML and XML-related documents. You learn how to transform XML documents. You use XPath to select nodes in XML documents and use XQuery to query, generate, and transform XML content.SOA Adoption and Architecture FundamentalsNumerous companies have begun a SOA initiative with the assumption that implementing web services is synonymous with employing a service-oriented architecture. They have gone on to discover various barriers to SOA success and have not seen the returns a successful SOA implementation can provide. These companies lacked an understanding of SOA adoption and architecture fundamentals. This course presents those fundamentals with an Enterprise Architect’s view of Oracle’s SOA Enterprise Technology strategy, to equip the student with skills for handling both business and IT concerns throughout the entire SOA life cycle, from both the program and the project perspectives.Oracle Service Bus 11g: System AdministrationThis course enables you to install, configure, administer, and secure Oracle Service Bus (OSB) 11g product. It provides you with a hands-on experience in administrating its different components by using the Service Bus Console, WLST, and WebLogic Server Administration console.Oracle Service Bus 11g: System Admin, Design & Integrate AcceleratedThis is a bundled course comprised of Oracle Service Bus 11g: System Administration and Oracle Service Bus 11g: Design and Integrate Services.The System Administration course teaches you how to install, configure, administer, and secure Oracle Service Bus (OSB) 11g. The Design & Integrate Services course teaches you how to create a message infrastructure for services throughout the enterprise using Oracle Service Bus 11g.Verwendete Datenbank Version:Oracle Service Bus 11g ( zur Kursbeschreibung als PDF: dieses Online-Trainings:4:30 Uhr bis 12:30 Uhr (Mitteleuropäischer Zeit)

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