Solar Technologies and Hybrid Mini Grids to improve energy access

In Bad Hersfeld

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  • Intensivseminar
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  • Bad hersfeld
  • 24h
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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that we are joining forces for the new international conference “Solar Technologies and Hybrid Mini Grids to improve Energy Access”.

In an effort to create a more comprehensive, higher impact conference we have merged the following three very successful conferences into one:

PV-Hybrids and Mini-Grids (7 editions)
Small PV Applications (4 editions), and
Solar Energy Technology in Development Cooperation (one edition)

The challenge of energy access for all is of enormous magnitude and we have reached a point where joining forces will make a difference in the upcoming years. We recognize that the general international agreements that are focusing on pursuing sustainable energy for all have to be enforced by actions on the ground. If we are not able to implement renewable energy technologies in combination with energy efficiency measures these international agreements are not going to achieve their potential.

Future energy supply will be based on a smart mix of different technologies in order to cater to people’s needs. Solar radiation is the most abundant source of energy that can be converted into electricity and heat. It is a widely distributed resource that can be harvested and consumed near to where the needs are. Solar thermal systems are able to meet not only the heat demand for all domestic needs like hot water and space heating, but it can also fulfill the heating needs of hotels, hospitals and industrial processes. Photovoltaics, and other renewable technologies such as small wind turbines, mini-hydro, biomass or their hybridization can provide quality electricity to those who do not have access to reliable modern energy services. This helps to significantly improve lives in terms of comfort, communication, health, education and income generating activities. It also opens up new opportunities for businesses and services.



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Bad Hersfeld
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Bad Hersfeld
Wittastr. 5, 36251, Hessen, Deutschland
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Scientists, engineers, consultants, students Research institutes Implementation institutes Threshold countries: manufacturers, suppliers and installers Donors: programme planners, financiers from banks and foundations Politicians

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Solar Technologies
Hybrid Mini Grid
Mini Grids


Xavier Vallvé
Xavier Vallvé
Solar Technologies


Papers are invited on the following topics:

1. PV and other renewable energy based electricity
1.1 Pico PV
1.2 Solar home systems
1.3 PV for telecommunication and industrial use
1.4 Mini grids for communities

2. Solar thermal systems
2.1 Domestic solar water heating systems
2.2 Solar heat for industrial and commercial applications
2.3 Solar cooking
2.4 Solar drying

3. Decentralised water treatment
3.1 Water pumping
3.2 Disinfection and purification
3.4 Sanitation and waste water Treatment

4. Policy, government and donor programmes

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