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US + EU Licensing - Law + Best Practices

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This course highlights principal differences between the European law system and the US 'common' law systems and explains main 'tricks' and 'traps' to be taken into account by European practitioners when drafting license contracts. The course will focus on drafting and negotiating advice for EU practitioners, with precise references to existing US law. The course lays the groundwork for a clause by clause examination of
all significant elements of a patent licensing agreement. Focus is on how and why each provision serves the business needs of the
parties while remaining legally viable.

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Do you work as a corporate IP/patent/legal counsel or professional or as a patent attorney/attorney-at-law in private practice and deal with licensing issues? Then this course is designed for you. Knowledge of IP law is required.

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- European vs. US License Agreements: Principal Differences - Drafting Patent License Agreements - Issues in International Licenses: Language, Choice of Law, Negotiating Agreements - Unpatented Technology Agreements: CDA, Royalty Base etc. - Implied Licenses/Patent Exhaustion: Estoppels etc. - Avoiding Antitrust and Misuse Issues

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